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Uniforms and Special Teams

Cadets wear the uniform to show pride in our organization and our armed forces. Our uniforms cost more than $500, and we provide it to the students at no cost. Each year we lend our cadets a uniform at the start of the first semester. They are then returned during the Spring semester before summer break.

The color guard is a team of 4 cadets with a commander that performs at football games, important events, and competitions. 


Drill/Regulation team: The drill team is a formation of ten or more cadets lead by a Non-Commisioned Officer (NCO) or officer to compete in marching competitions without rifles. 

The PT team is the 5 most fit cadets who compete in competitions against other schools. The events are, most push ups in a minute, most situps in a minute, and the fastest mile. Our PT team is one of the top ranking in the state scoring 2nd for our male cadets.