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JROTC Student Staff/Leadership




Battalion Commander                                                   C/LTC                     Aiden Rush 

Battalion Executive Officer                                           C/MAJ                    Oliva Patton

Battalion Command Sergeant Major                            C/CSM                   Riley Goodwin 

Battalion Chaplain                                                        C/CPT                   Yessenia Resendiz

Battalion S-1                                                                C/CPT                   Keegan Arnold

Battalion S-2                                                                C/1LT                     Jesse Allemang 

Battalion S-3                                                                C/1LT                     Kale Deal 

Battalion S-4                                                                C/CPT                   Jordan Melton

Battalion S-5                                                                C/1LT                     Theresa Sonnier      

Battalion S-6                                                                C/1LT                      Brayden Hulett                                         


Battalion Commander (BC): The BC controls the staff through the battalion executive officer and the companies through the company commanders, while maintaining the final approval authority in the cadet chain of command.

Executive Officer (XO): The cadet battalion XO supervises, directs, and coordinates the cadet battalion staff to prevent overlapping efforts and to ensure that the commander’s desires are understood and achieved. The cadet battalion XO assumes command of the cadet battalion in the absence of the cadet battalion commander.

Battalion Chaplain (Chaplain): The chaplain's responsibilities include conducting prayer services and providing confidential counseling to Cadets. They also advise the BC on moral matters concerning the battalion.

Command Sergeant Major (CSM): The battalion CSM is the principal advisor to the commander on the state of morale, discipline, and training of cadets within the battalion. The subject matter expert on uniforms and drill and ceremonies.

S-1 Administrative Officer: Provides administrative support for the battalion. Prepares and maintains unit strength reports, rosters, and records. All of which are promptly placed in JROTC Unit Management System (JUMS) by the Instructors.

S-2 Security, Intelligence, and Recruiting Officer: The battalion S-2 assists the battalion commander and the instructor staff in matters pertaining to unit security and enforces the provisions of the security requirements for the battalion. 

S-3 Training and Operations Officer: The battalion S-3 assists the battalion commander in preparation, conduct, and supervision of all training activities of the Cadet battalion. Additionally, the S-3 keeps the commander advised on the progress of training within the battalion.

S-4 Logistics Officer: The battalion logistics or supply officer is responsible for the maintenance, security, record keeping, issue, and turn-in of all U.S. government property . The S-4 coordinates the securing of property with the S-2. Informs the Instructors of all matters concerning equipment.

S-5 Public Affairs Officer: The battalion S-5 acts as the contact between the Corps of Cadets and all news media, SBHS organizations and student publications.

S-6 Primary Staff Officer: The battalion S-6 works directly for the Battalion XO and work very closely with the Battalion S-3 and Battalion Commander. The S-6 advises the BC and staff on all communications related issues.